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Global Voices

17 Mar 09
Some of president’s allies said to be turning against him since he was indicted.
16 Mar 09
But relatives of rebel commander’s alleged victims say army shouldn’t have spared his life.
13 Mar 09
There are indications fund may resume relations with Zimbabwe and help arrest economic decline.
11 Mar 09
Former abductees tell of beatings, looting and their hazardous flight to freedom.
11 Mar 09
Falling food prices have brought measure of relief to struggling Zimbabweans.
5 Mar 09
South Sudan militias repel deadly attacks by rampaging Ugandan rebels.
4 Mar 09
Rights groups say country’s new administration doing little to address widespread hunger.
2 Mar 09
Some say it could speed up trials and prevent confusion, others warn of influencing witnesses’ evidence and causing them more trauma.
10 Feb 09
Citizen groups’ appeal for ICC to refrain from indicting president challenged by Darfur victims.