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Global Voices

6 May 09
Belgian nationals implicated in secret shipments following seizure of trucks in South Sudan.
29 Apr 09
Some unhappy that genocide charges against Sudanese president weren't included in indictment.
16 Apr 09
Civil society groups attempt to resist government crackdown in wake of ICC’s indictment of Bashir.
14 Apr 09
Shunned by their communities, a group of women forced to marry LRA men now face eviction.
8 Apr 09
The knives are out for Zimbabwe’s profligate central bank governor.
3 Apr 09
Catherine Ajok dodged bombs and lions to get away from the man who held her captive for over a decade.
2 Apr 09
Officials say rebel leader must sign negotiated peace agreement, amid speculation about renewed talks.
27 Mar 09
Security forces said to have killed scores of people in an attempt to curb illegal mining.
25 Mar 09
New regulations aim to reverse the exodus of much needed public servants.
19 Mar 09
Mugabe vows to press ahead with land grabs, despite Tsvangirai’s call for them to cease.