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Global Voices

1 Jul 09
Former wife of rebel leader Joseph Kony talks of life with Africa’s most wanted man.
29 Jun 09
Graft plaguing development programmes may be contributing to food shortage and malnutrition in north.
29 Jun 09
Many returnees in northern Uganda struggle to rebuild their farms.
26 Jun 09
Defendant says they just wanted to prevent the Islamisation of the country.
16 Jun 09
Last year they made up the largest group of newly internally displaced people in the world, but their plight has received little attention.
10 Jun 09
Troop reinforcements being sent to repel raids by resurgent Ugandan rebels.
28 May 09
Some in north say region should secede because of Kampala’s perceived failure to help them.
26 May 09
IWPR training guide will help dispel misinformation about International Criminal Court, say Sudanese journalists.
21 May 09
Lack of classrooms, resources and teachers blunts efforts to resurrect long neglected primary school system.
14 May 09
Journalists and opposition politicians calling for bill to be amended, saying it’s a blow to media freedom.