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4 Jan 12
Women use song to incite men into conflict with neighbouring tribes.
14 Dec 11
Prosecutor ratchets up pressure on Khartoum, but will it make any difference?
People arriving in South Sudan by bus as the mass population shift got under way last year. Picture from November 2010. (Photo: Tim Freccia/ENOUGH Project/Flickr)
8 Dec 11
People from the newly-independent state in the south suddenly find themselves foreigners in Sudan.
American soldiers from the Georgia National Guard training Ugandan troops, April 2011. (Photo: US Army/Sgt. 1st Class Brock Jones)
17 Aug 11
Efforts to defeat feared group run into trouble as regional governments fail to address threat.
A South Sudanese soldier holds up the new national flag during the July 9 independence celebrations. The army is closely associated with the ruling party. (Photo: UN Photo/Paul Banks)
25 Jul 11
World’s newest country faces challenge of establishing democracy that includes all factions.
18 Feb 10
Growing demand among DRC radio stations for Live Hague broadcasts on Katanga case.
17 Feb 10
Growing demand among DRC radio stations for Live Hague broadcasts on Katanga case.
15 Feb 10
The ICC needs the backing of regional states and the full support of the UN if it is to secure the arrest of leaders of the Lords Resistance Army.
20 Jan 10
Rights activists say Sudan’s emergency laws being unjustly applied in the region.


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