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Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities.

Global Voices

18 Sep 09
New Georgian border splits Armenian villagers from their land.
10 Sep 09
Armenians in Karabakh welcome move on Turkey-Armenia ties.
9 Sep 09
Armenia and Turkey move towards peace via “football diplomacy”.
9 Sep 09
Football diplomacy: where are we now?
4 Sep 09
Opposition groups say law used to silence them.
3 Sep 09
Armenians, recalling killings, oppose peace talks with Turkey.
27 Aug 09
Tbilisi tea-house gives glimpse of lost ethnic harmony.
22 Aug 09
Locals say officials were not ready for independence and may not even want it.
21 Aug 09
Refugee tells IWPR how she survived war and tragedy to sing of love.
21 Aug 09
Long-marginalised community claims it faces systematic discrimination.