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Global Voices

10 Nov 09
Governments of south Caucasus mostly left with a clear run despite allegations of repression.
30 Oct 09
Tiny Karabakh’s opposition moribund, lacks issues to fight on.
30 Oct 09
Statelet’s opposition struggles with lack of ideas, resources.
30 Oct 09
IWPR events help activist groups in Armenia and Georgia communicate refugee concerns to government officials.
29 Oct 09
IWPR runs practical war reporting exercise with journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
24 Oct 09
Armenians do not share world’s joy over protocols, fear Ankara has a hidden agenda.
22 Oct 09
Azeris say Turkey’s border accord with Armenia is a betrayal of their alliance.
16 Oct 09
Press and broadcasters seen as subservient, misleading many about their safety.
10 Oct 09
Azeris wary of Armenian station’s attempts to reach out to them.
24 Sep 09
Bid to improve Turkish-Armenian ties started with a football match, so could Judo tournament do same for Armenia and Azerbaijan?