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Global Voices

8 Dec 09
Russians flock to breakaway territory despite accommodation shortage and poor service.
8 Dec 09
IWPR Karabakh workshop participants find out how web journalism can enhance work of journalists and activists.
7 Dec 09
IWPR discussion events prompt Tbilisi officials to cooperate with Georgian NGOs on refugee issues.
27 Nov 09
IWPR discussion prompts officials to tackle problems faced by internally displaced people in Tskhaltubo.
27 Nov 09
Series of reports on difficulties of travelling across the Caucasus clinch Azerbaijan press award for IWPR journalist.
27 Nov 09
Media portrays conflict areas as peaceful, endangering lives, people allege.
26 Nov 09
Mixed motives seen in proposed move to end three-year frontier closure.
14 Nov 09
Prison authorities allow reporter in to check conditions following claims inmates are mistreated.
13 Nov 09
Volunteers try to help bereaved youngsters still traumatised by the conflict.
10 Nov 09
Governments of south Caucasus mostly left with a clear run despite allegations of repression.