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Global Voices

8 Jan 10
Doubts expressed over limited aviation link following 2008 war.
5 Jan 10
But commentators say they should not be too quick to let down their guard.
3 Jan 10
The Russian language is vanishing in Azerbaijan as the community dwindles.
24 Dec 09
Some observers suspect the authorities are taking advantage of people caught up in Georgia’s wars.
19 Dec 09
Destructive force of 1988 earthquake was so swift that people thought the Armenian city had been bombed.
18 Dec 09
A decade after they fled their homeland, Chechens in Georgia still fear it is unsafe to go back.
12 Dec 09
Tens of thousands of Meskhetians apply to come home, but Georgian officials accused of not doing enough to help them.
11 Dec 09
Environmentalists oppose controversial hub close to Black Sea nature reserve.
10 Dec 09
Emails and text messages seek to spark campaign over military bases.
8 Dec 09
Russians flock to breakaway territory despite accommodation shortage and poor service.