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Paata Zakareishvili warns that accusing Russia of a historical genocide will result in retaliatory action against Georgia. (Photo: Maia Avaliani)
19 May 11
Some analysts warn that delving too deep into other people’s history could create problems in the here and now.
11 Mar 11
Opposition leaders say government should focus on achievable economic deals with Moscow rather than pressing political demands.
18 Jan 11
Controversial plan to move refugees from Abkhazian and South Ossetian conflict out of Tbilisi.
The Azerbaijani authorities are concerned about the rise of Islam, and particularly the role of neighbouring Iran. (Photo: Idrik Abassov)
15 Jan 11
Detentions come after Muslim party leader compared president with historical figure vilified in Shia tradition.
Ana Natsvlishvili of the Human Rights Centre in Tbilisi. (Photo: Maia Avaliani)
5 Nov 10
Government says it must approve projects involving two disputed entities.
Academics Salome Kenchoshvili and Guram Svanidze attend a conference on the European language charter in Tbilisi. (Photo: Nugzar Sularidze)
27 Oct 10
Critics of European language charter warn that granting legal rights to linguistic minorities could weaken Georgian statehood.
Bako Sahakyan, president of Nagorny Karabakh, hopes an international court ruling on Kosovo will set a precedent for south Caucasian aspirations for independence. (Photo: Anahit Danielyan)
30 Jul 10
States and self-declared republics divided by international court ruling that Kosovo’s declaration of independence was legal.
Zhora Tunyan, chairman of Arabkir, a veterans’ organisation in Armenia, says schoolchildren should learn more about soldiers’ sacrifices. (Photo: Karine Asatryan)
7 May 10
Sacrifices forgotten, say ex-soldiers from south Caucasus who fought Nazism.
16 Mar 10
Keeping calm in a time of crisis.
9 Mar 10
An IWPR journalist, allowed into Gori on a Russian tank, witnesses exultant pro-Moscow fighters rampaging through the blazing city.