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Georgian parliament. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti newspaper)
7 Feb 13
As new administration seeks thaw with Moscow, president’s people want pro-West, anti-Russia clauses written into constitution.
1 Nov 12
IWPR/UN Women event focuses on areas with high numbers of refugees from Abkhazian and South Ossetian conflicts.
8 Oct 12
Moscow is again embarking on an attempt to subdue Chechnya by force. Although many of the stated aims are different and so far the military tactics are marginally less brutal, the experience for the local population is exactly the same.
8 Oct 12
Politics has, it seems, never been so popular in Georgia. But the voters are being offered two very different views on the country's future by parties contesting the coming parliamentary elections.
8 Oct 12
The message from the Kremlin PR machine on its latest campaign in the north Caucasus is simple. "We'll win it this time"
8 Oct 12
Unresolved conflict in the Southern Caucasus and the return to war in the North is a problem for all. But democratisation must be a fundamental part of the solution.
Planning joint stories and networking activities for the Georgian, Abkhaz and South Ossetian participants in an IWPR workshop. (Photo: IWPR)
4 Oct 12
Georgian, Abkhaz and Ossetian activists and reporters to work on joint stories.
Protestors with a placard showing Alla Jioyeva’s decisive election victory over her rivals in November. She is not among the four candidates standing this time. (Photo: Zarina Sanakoeva)
23 Mar 12
Rerun of presidential election stems from debacle in November.
Mamuka Kuparadze, a Georgian film-maker who often works with his counterparts in Abkhazia. (Photo: Mirian Koridze)
30 Sep 11
Government roadmap envisages direct route to restoring sovereignty over Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but experts say more innovative approaches are needed.
Paata Zakareishvili warns that accusing Russia of a historical genocide will result in retaliatory action against Georgia. (Photo: Maia Avaliani)
19 May 11
Some analysts warn that delving too deep into other people’s history could create problems in the here and now.