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11 Aug 00
Nearly 60 student groups from the former Soviet Union attend a Nalchik festival aimed at uniting young people against military conflict
26 May 00
It was no coincidence that the Kremlin's threats to bomb terrorist bases in Afghanistan came on the eve of the Minsk security summit
28 Apr 00
The president of Karachaevo-Cherkessia is stubbornly resisting repeated attempts to dilute his authority.
24 Mar 00
Although welcoming financial and material incentives to return to their homes, Azerbaijan's refugee population appears unwilling to give up their temporary status and return to Nagorny Karabakh.
25 Feb 00
Investors are getting cold feet over plans to build a pipeline which would break the Russian and Iranian stranglehold on Caspian oil wells.
21 Jan 00
Russian troops locked in the "final assault" on Grozny have been astonished by the ferocity of the rebel resistance. In the heart of the Chechen capital, they are coming up against the cream of the guerrilla forces, led by battle-hardened veterans of the
14 Jan 00
Despite traditionally pro-Chechen sympathies, Kazakhstan has succumbed to unrelenting Russian propaganda, giving Chechen refugees an icy reception.
7 Jan 00
As Baku revels in a much-publicised "oil rush", questions are being asked about the true extent of the legendary reserves awaiting exploitation in the Caspian Sea basin.
19 Nov 99
Confronted with renewed Russian aggression in Chechnya, the states of