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Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
4 October 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 10

• Why a Special Tribunal is Crucial
• Justice for POWs
• Justice Briefing + more
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Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
27 September 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 9

• Investigating Izyum’s Mass Graves
• Can Ukrainians Sue Russia for War Damages?
• Justice Briefing + more
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Frontline Updates
Stas Yurchenko/Graty Media
20 September 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 8

• Universal Criminal Jurisdiction in Ukraine
• Justice Briefing
• The Challenge of Wartime Justice + more
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Scott Olson/Getty Images
13 September 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 7

• Births, Deaths and Pensions in Occupied Territory
• Russia Plans Show Trials for Ukrainian POWs
• Justice Briefing + more
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Alexey Furman/Getty Images
6 September 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 6

• Building International Justice Together
• Why the European Court of Human Rights Remains Key to Justice for Ukraine
• Deported Ukrainians Seek Justice + more
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Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images
30 August 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 5

• An Architecture for Justice in Ukraine
• The Complexity of Prosecuting Forced Conscription
• Justice Briefing + more
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© Alexey Furman/Getty Images
23 August 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 4

• Why Russia Wants its Own War Crimes Court
• Why Justice Reform is More Vital Than Ever
• Justice Briefing+ more
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© Alexey Furman/Getty Images
16 August 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 3

• Ukraine is a Turning Point for International Justice
• Ukraine: Deportation is a War Crime
• Justice Briefing + more
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John Moore/Getty Images
9 August 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 2

• “If You Run, We Will Shoot You”: How Russia Forces Ukrainians Into Its Army
• Justice Briefing
• The ICTY Has Key Lessons for a Ukraine Tribunal + more
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© Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
2 August 2022

Ukraine Justice Report - Issue 1

• Project Launch
• Justice Briefing
• How Ukraine Will Find Justice + more
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© Sergey Hudak
27 july 2022

Ukraine: Mariupol Theatre is Reborn

• Mariupol Theatre’s Actors Interpret the Cry of a Nation
• Ukraine: A Day in the Life
• Will Sanctions Alone Undermine Russia’s Defence Industry? + more
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3 June 2022

Ukraine: Return to Hostomel

• WATCH: Return to Hostomel
• The Professor on the Frontline
• The Sisters Torn Apart by Russia’s Invasion + more
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13 May 2022

Ukraine's Journalists Are Heroes

• Mykolaiv: A Garrison Town Digs In
• Besieged Mariupol: How I Got Out of Hell
• Back to the USSR: May 9 in Ukraine’s Occupied Territories + more
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Chris McGrath/Getty Images
12 April 2022

Ukraine War Crimes

• IWPR Director Anthony Borden reporting from Ukraine, an in-depth interview with Dr Fiona Hill + more
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Chris McGrath/Getty Images
2 Mar 2022

Russia's War on Ukraine

• Ukraine’s Local Media Organises
• Ukraine Implores West for Weapons
• Ukraine War Diary by Anthony Borden + more
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Chris McGrath/Getty Images
18 Feb 2022

The Fight for Democracy

• Interview: Reporting the Ukraine Crisis
• Photo Essay: In the Trenches of Ukraine’s Long War
• OSCE Mission Pulls Staff from Eastern Ukraine + more
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Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images
28 Jan 2022

Spotlight on Ukraine

• Ukraine Rolls Out Mass Recruitment for Volunteer Army
• Will Belarus be Springboard for Russian Incursion into Ukraine?
• Cyberattacks Undermine Ukraine’s Security + more
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14 Jan 2022

Spotlight on Kazakstan

• Kazakstan in Crisis
• Tokayev’s Ascent to True Power
• What Next for Kazakstan? + more
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Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images
23 Dec 2021

A Year of Fighting Disinformation

• Bosnia: The Town That Resisted Ethnic Division
• Ukraine Faces Winter Energy Crisis
• Alarm Raised Over Child Suicide in Kyrgyzstan + more
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Polish Ministry of Defense
30 Nov 2021

Russia’s Widening Provocation to European Stability

• Belarus: Refugee Crisis Not Yet Out of The Woods
• Russian Troops Continue to Mass on Ukrainian Border
• The Open Wound of Armenia’s POWs + more
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Matej Divizna/Getty Images

10 November 2021

• Bosnia: The Lesson We Learned from Afghanistan
• Myanmar: IWPR Asked to Help UN War Crimes Investigation
• Kyrgyzstan: How Realistic is Phasing Out Coal?
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Niklas Elmehed/Nobel Prize Outreach

12 October 2021

• IWPR Congratulates Noble Prizewinner Maria Ressa
• China-Taiwan Tensions Mount
• Turkey: Women Demand Equal Treatment in Mosques
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Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia

6 August 2021

• What Next For Tunisia?
• Ten Years on From Revolution, Tunisia in Uncharted Waters
• Roza Eftekhari – a Tribute
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15 July 2021

• Historic Protests Sweep Cuba
• Disinformation and Democracy: Can Journalism Up Its Game?
• Can Final Mladic Verdict Give Hope for Justice in Syria?
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Kuba Kaminski

28 May 2021

• Fears Grow Among Belarusian Diaspora After Arrest
• Pressure Steps Up Over Belarus “Hijack”
• China: Threats Loom in the Pacific
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Hkun Lat/Getty Images

3 May 2021 – World Press Freedom Day

• Speaking Truth to Power
• Myanmar: ‘The Coup Has Robbed Us of Our Rights’
• The Campaign to Silence Turkish Journalists
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The Presidential Office of Ukraine

15 April 2021

• Ukraine Watches in Fear as Russian Mobilisation Continues
• Afghanistan’s Peace Must be Inclusive
• Young Cubans Lose Hope Amid Economic Crisis
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Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

8 March 2021 – International Women's Day

• Challenge for Change
• Fighting for Change in Belarus
• Iraq: Justice for Survivors as Activists Overturn Taboos
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Chris Hondros/Getty Images

11 February 2021 – Freedom of Expression in the Middle East

• Why Local Voices Matter
• Egypt's Invisible Revolution
• Syria: The Burning Man
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Aaref Watad/AFP/GettyImages

15 December 2020

• IWPR Discussion: US Election & Implications for Foreign Policy
• IWPR Impact: Programme Highlights from Lebanon, Central Asia and Nigeria
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Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

28 October 2020 – The Karabakh Conflict

• Rising Above the Fray
• Karabakh: Hatred and Euphoria Are Fuelling Madness
• Taking the Karabakh Conflict Online
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Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

9 October 2020 – The Infodemic

• Miloš’ Warning
• How (and Why) Russia Wow
• Truth, Lies and Deception Over Cuba's Embargo
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Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

3 May 2020 – World Press Freedom Day

• Fighting the Misinformation Pandemic
• Moldovan Media Angry Over Covid-19 Restrictions
• Central Asian Media Struggles with Covid-19 Quarantine
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Coronavirus graphic

11 April 2020 – Coronavirus Pandemic

• How We Will Meet the Coronavirus Challenge
• Iraqi Champions Fight Coronavirus Crisis
• Is Russia Exploiting Coronavirus Fears in Georgia?
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