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6 May 15
Legal system has been slow to enforce payment orders on wayward ex-husbands.
22 Apr 15
Prosecuting Serik Ahmetov will help president show he’s serious about corruption, even though the problem is systemic.
Media rights Tamara Kaleeva. (Photo: Serik Kovlanbaev)
25 Mar 15
Provision sneaked into legislative package protecting minors from offensive online content.
11 Mar 15
Weekly consistently criticised government’s closeness to Moscow.
27 Feb 15
Feared while in power, Rahat Aliev failed to rebrand himself as an upstanding dissident.
4 Feb 15
“Ethnic insult” charge comes at a time when the Russian minority question has come to the fore.
22 Dec 14
Authorities have yet to respond to concerns about a bill that civil society groups fear will curb their activities.
22 Nov 14
Ambition to host Winter Olympics could deter government from copying Moscow’s homophobic law.
13 Nov 14
Kazakstan agrees to “coordinate” foreign policy with Moscow. Some read that as “seeking approval”.
17 Oct 14
Opponents of new regional grouping fear the effects of committing to Russian-dominated economic regulation.