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26 Mar 09
As unrecognised republic prepares for downturn, government promises measures to ease credit and increase national self-sufficiency.
20 Mar 09
The villages of Sarigyugh and Berqaber lie right next to a reservoir – but its proximity to a hostile border means they cannot use the water.
14 Mar 09
Minister says screening essential in war on drugs, but critics warn of unwarranted state interference.
13 Mar 09
Many can no longer afford to send mail due to rising costs following currency change.
10 Mar 09
Media-watchers fear brutal assault was deliberate attempt to curb free speech.
9 Mar 09
Russian money could mean salvation for Kyrgyz hydropower industry, but some analysts fear country will lose control over its own water resources.
7 Mar 09
Believers says problems over mosques, headscarves and the Hajj reflect official climate of indifference or hostility.
7 Mar 09
Overnight drop in value of dram feeds savers’ worries and sends shoppers rushing to stores to stock up.
6 Mar 09
Officials urging displaced to go home, but they say their villages remain dangerous.
2 Mar 09
Troubled relations between Central Asia’s most authoritarian states will take time to repair.