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22 Aug 09
Locals say officials were not ready for independence and may not even want it.
21 Aug 09
Long-marginalised community claims it faces systematic discrimination.
14 Aug 09
Opposition politicians angry at plans to offer full rights to members of marginalised community.
4 Aug 09
More than half the population are already classed as poor, and things look set to get worse as incomes and job opportunities are squeezed.
23 Jul 09
Region goes ahead with its own league despite Azerbaijan’s objections.
17 Jul 09
War of words breaks out as public relations exercise by Baku representatives goes wrong.
17 Jul 09
Few experts share government hopes that new enterprise region will help alleviate economic woes.
10 Jul 09
Authorities want capacity to shift gas to market from giant field, but many proposed export routes currently look less than viable.
10 Jul 09
Tehran’s attempt to scupper Israeli president’s visit gets nowhere, as Baku decides ties to Israel take priority over Islamic solidarity.
7 Jul 09
Almaty wants to use customs union to break down Russian trade barriers, and then bid for WTO membership.