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Global Voices

26 Nov 09
Mixed motives seen in proposed move to end three-year frontier closure.
14 Nov 09
Prison authorities allow reporter in to check conditions following claims inmates are mistreated.
13 Nov 09
Orthodox leader at the centre of argument over whether the church is too involved in public life.
13 Nov 09
Volunteers try to help bereaved youngsters still traumatised by the conflict.
9 Nov 09
After months of turbulence in relations with Russia, the Tajik leader seems to have smoothed things over and gained significant concessions.
6 Nov 09
Unscrupulous mullahs accused of marrying young girls whose health and education then suffer.
2 Nov 09
Many Afghans believe foreign forces providing support for insurgents in the north.
24 Oct 09
Armenians do not share world’s joy over protocols, fear Ankara has a hidden agenda.
22 Oct 09
Azeris say Turkey’s border accord with Armenia is a betrayal of their alliance.
13 Oct 09
Mixed reaction in Tehran to Geneva nuclear talks.