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Global Voices

28 Feb 10
Already hit by recession, people fear pain from massive price rise.
20 Feb 10
But some worry that offshore wells may harm tourism.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
Chechnya full of traumatised people who’ve suffered torture but are reluctant to get help.
25 Jan 10
Massive foreign aid helps, but some doubt government’s economic claims.
15 Jan 10
Regional customs arrangement as much about politics as about economics.
8 Jan 10
Doubts expressed over limited aviation link following 2008 war.
6 Jan 10
Yerevan pushes ahead with new station in face of protests from ecologists.
5 Jan 10
But commentators say they should not be too quick to let down their guard.
24 Dec 09
Some observers suspect the authorities are taking advantage of people caught up in Georgia’s wars.
21 Dec 09
Bagapsh says his re-election showed Abkhaz desire to be independent.