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ICC - International Criminal Court

Reporting from DR Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda.

IWPR is at the forefront of media interventions in situations of human suffering and mass abuses around the world. It gives a voice to the vulnerable and delivers crucial analysis on conflict and impunity to both a local and global audience. As the leading news agency reporting on international justice and human rights, IWPR makes an important contribution to the value and effectiveness of local judicial mechanisms as well as international legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court (ICC).


Stephen Opio
8 Feb 06
Senior ICC official Phakiso Mochockoko tells IWPR about his hopes of bringing to justice those responsible for atrocities in Uganda.
Peter Eichstaedt
1 Feb 06
Ethnic hatred that sparked mass killings in Rwanda may be behind fighting in eastern Congo that has uprooted thousands of civilians.
Tino Zhakata
27 Jan 06
Is the groundwork being laid to bring Zimbabwe’s president to The Hague?
Peter Eichstaedt
24 Jan 06
After terrorising Uganda for 20 years, the LRA has met its match in the form of the Arrow Boys.
Uganda Radio
12 Jan 06
Finally free, Besigye struggles to close President Museveni’s poll lead.
Peter Eichstaedt
9 Jan 06
After two international court decisions targeting Uganda and growing diplomatic pressure, the president has stepped up the rhetoric against foreign “interference”.
Fawzia Sheikh
23 Dec 05
The detention of the main challenger to Yoweri Museveni highlights the deteriorating international reputation of a leader once seen as a leading African reformer.
Charles Mwanguhya
20 Dec 05
High-spirited Museveni procession kicks off campaigning for first democratric elections in over twenty years.
Peter Eichstaedt
15 Dec 05
Presidential hopeful Kizza Besigye has won a court ruling allowing him to stand, but that is unlikely to improve his chances of getting out of jail.
Fred Bridgland
9 Dec 05
In Liberia and Nigeria, women with successful international careers have returned home to take on a mountain of social and economic challenges.