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ICC - International Criminal Court

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Charles Mwanguhya
12 Apr 06
As expected, the Supreme Court confirms the outcome of the presidential election, but opposition leader Kizza Besigye warns the fight will go on.
Ayesha Kajee
4 Apr 06
Arraignment of Congolese militia leader welcomed by many campaigners as milestone in protection of children’s rights.
4 Apr 06
Final results give victory to the incumbent Yoweri Museveni with 59 per cent of the vote, as his closest challenger cries foul.
Eric A.
29 Mar 06
West Africans hold their breath to see whether Liberia’s ex-leader Charles Taylor will be brought to trial.
Charles Odongtho
20 Mar 06
Apparent misuse of millions of dollars intended to fight AIDS and other diseases is attracting international attention.
13 Mar 06
Most Liberians say they are ready to forgive, if not forget, atrocities committed by fighters.
1 Mar 06
At least 80 incumbent members of parliament lost seats in last week’s election, which could mean trouble for Museveni’s third term.
28 Feb 06
The court may offer the only hope for many rape victims to see justice done.
Peter Eichstaedt
21 Feb 06
Survey participants say their president’s term in office should be restricted.
David Rupiny
16 Feb 06
Intimidation charges fly as opposition candidates vie for voters.