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ICC - International Criminal Court

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IWPR is at the forefront of media interventions in situations of human suffering and mass abuses around the world. It gives a voice to the vulnerable and delivers crucial analysis on conflict and impunity to both a local and global audience. As the leading news agency reporting on international justice and human rights, IWPR makes an important contribution to the value and effectiveness of local judicial mechanisms as well as international legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court (ICC).


15 Jun 06
The Central African Republic’s former president may face prosecution at the International Criminal Court.
Ayesha Kajee
12 Jun 06
Sweden offers a prison cell as debate continues over where former Liberian leader Charles Taylor should stand trial.
31 May 06
Khartoum wants to restrict any future role for the United Nations role in Darfur.
Peter Eichstaedt
11 May 06
Migrant cattle herders flee Tanzania, bringing disease and ethnic conflict that could destabilise southern districts.
Peter Eichstaedt
10 May 06
Church compound where nearly 800 people were murdered six years ago set to become a tourist attraction
Peter Eichstaedt
21 Apr 06
The Lord’s Resistance Army is still raiding villages, but the Ugandan military says the rebels are close to defeat.
15 Apr 06
Despite concerns that the former Liberian president's detention could spark more instability, the overriding sense is that justice must be done at last.
Carolyn Dempster
15 Apr 06
High rates of sexual violence appear rooted in ingrained male attitudes.
Apolo Kakaire
15 Apr 06
Former go-getting World Bank consultant strives to bring peace to northern Uganda.
Apolo Kakaire
15 Apr 06
Peace negotiator says arrest warrants for LRA chiefs severely undermine local efforts to end the war.