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ICC - International Criminal Court

Reporting from DR Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda.

IWPR is at the forefront of media interventions in situations of human suffering and mass abuses around the world. It gives a voice to the vulnerable and delivers crucial analysis on conflict and impunity to both a local and global audience. As the leading news agency reporting on international justice and human rights, IWPR makes an important contribution to the value and effectiveness of local judicial mechanisms as well as international legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court (ICC).


Ayesha Kajee
19 Dec 06
While the world’s attention is fixed on the Darfur killing fields, eastern Sudan struggles to cope with nearly 200,00 displaced people.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
13 Dec 06
French judge stirs intense passions by accusing Rwandan president of triggering the 1994 massacres.
Katy Glassborow
8 Dec 06
ICC has to determine whether Sudan is willing and able to prosecute Darfur suspects.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
1 Dec 06
Were Catholic priests and nuns complicit in mass killings, or simply helpless bystanders?
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
1 Dec 06
Ugandan women lead arduous trek in support of talks on ending violence in the north of their country.
27 Nov 06
Gloria Atiba-Davies seeks to ensure victims do not suffer further trauma when relating their suffering to investigators and judges.
Katy Glassborow
13 Nov 06
Militia leader’s lawyer says defence team treated unfairly on eve of historic case hearing.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
9 Nov 06
Dilemma for judges in trial of musician charged with inciting genocide in Rwanda.
Katy Glassborow
8 Nov 06
As the trial at the International Criminal Court of a Congolese rebel leader approaches, some fear that the voice of girls forced into militias may go unheard.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
1 Nov 06
Renewed efforts to apprehend leading Rwandan genocide indictee, on the run for eight years.