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ICC - International Criminal Court

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Stephanie Wolters
7 Mar 07
The International Criminal Court’s prosecution of Thomas Lubanga is too simplistic a solution to the vast array of war crimes committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Fawzia Sheikh
7 Mar 07
While the US will not let the Hague war crimes court prosecute Americans, it is more positive about plans to charge Sudanese leaders.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
16 Feb 07
Verdict in trial of man held most responsible for 1994 Rwanda genocide expected later this year.
Trevor Grundy
15 Feb 07
African Christians ask their leaders to concentrate on political, social and health issues, not just on gays and lesbians.
Katy Glassborow
8 Feb 07
Judges say there’s enough evidence to try Congolese militiaman and presence of Uganda “internationalised the conflict” for a time.
Fawzia Sheikh
7 Feb 07
Army leaders have been publicly discussing the potential benefits of a fully-fledged military command structure in Africa.
Katy Glassborow
30 Jan 07
Former anti-apartheid activist maintains crucial communications link between the court and investigators in the field.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
29 Jan 07
International court trying Rwandan genocide cases is racing against time to wrap up its trials before a United Nations deadline expires.
Fred Bridgland
22 Jan 07
The woman who was the spiritual inspiration of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army dies in exile in Kenya.
Ntando Ncube
16 Jan 07
Congregants claimed church used as refugee camp in which alcoholism, prostitution and violence flourished.