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Stephanie Nieuwoudt
3 Apr 07
Analysts say other international courts may find themselves facing claims after the Rwandan tribunal decided to pay compensation to an acquitted defendant who was denied legal representation early in his trial.
Katy Glassborow
31 Mar 07
Lawyers say a dispute over surveillance cameras has wasted time that should have been devoted to preparing the former Liberian leader’s defence.
Katy Glassborow
26 Mar 07
Belligerent Khartoum makes a bid to undercut the ICC’s jurisdiction.
Katy Glassborow
24 Mar 07
The former Liberian leader’s defence team says the International Criminal Court hosting the trial is imposing its own detention rules when jurisdiction belongs to the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
Katy Glassborow
24 Mar 07
Human rights commissioner says Sudan must detain suspects if arrest warrants are issued.
Katy Glassborow
23 Mar 07
The head of a new advisory office is committed to ensuring war crimes suspects are defended properly in the interests of wider justice.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
21 Mar 07
The court in Arusha winds up next year, and the chief prosecutor is short of time.
Ayesha Kajee
21 Mar 07
While African civil society mobilises in solidarity with Zimbabweans, governments and regional bodies remain silent.
Alexis Okeowo
12 Mar 07
Negotiations to end northern Uganda's 20-year civil war have run into trouble.
David Smith
10 Mar 07
When did you last hear a good news story coming out of Darfur? Have you ever heard a good news story from there?