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ICC - International Criminal Court

Reporting from DR Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda.

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4 Jun 07
Can traditional justice mechanisms that offer a sense of closure to victims work in harmony with international law?
Lisa Clifford
2 Jun 07
Critics say staging trial in The Hague denies Africans the right to see justice being done.
Katy Glassborow
1 Jun 07
Human rights groups welcome the move, but say the ICC should have filed similar charges in Uganda, Sudan and Congo.
Katy Glassborow
1 Jun 07
The ICC can only probe a limited number of crimes – is the Ugandan judiciary up to tackling the rest?
Alexis Okeowo
29 May 07
After an initial deal to continue the ceasefire was nearly derailed by allegations of more violence, the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan authorities have formally signed up to a truce.
Rockie Menya
26 May 07
Locals say Ugandan army forces as well as the rebels have a long history of violence which is likely never to go to court.
Katy Glassborow
26 May 07
Former female LRA fighters often cold-shouldered by members of their tribes, despite undergoing reconciliation rituals.
Katy Glassborow
25 May 07
Court says rape of civilians in the Central African Republic was committed in numbers that cannot be ignored under international law.
Sara Goodman
25 May 07
The court is urged to invest more in outreach work, as misinformation about its activities mounts.
18 May 07
Will he seek a compromise peace deal with the rebel group, or keep to his original demand to see its leaders prosecuted in The Hague?