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Alexis Okeowo
16 May 07
The government has sent in troops to disarm the unruly Karomojong people, but the soldiers are now being accused of using violence against civilians.
Katy Glassborow
15 May 07
There have long been concerns about provisions for dealing with human rights abuses committed in southern Sudan.
Katy Glassborow
14 May 07
Judges say victim-support office went too far by remarking on which applicants were suitable to attend the trial of Lord's Resistance Army leaders.
Lisa Clifford
11 May 07
Hanging of Sudanese soldiers for killing Darfur rebel suspect has little to do with the administration of justice, argue Sudan watchers.
Katy Glassborow
5 May 07
One of the principal obstacles to a lasting peace is the question of where the border should run between north and south.
Lisa Clifford
4 May 07
But some doubt Khartoum will ever cooperate and say the warrants will simply gather dust.
Alexis Okeowo
25 Apr 07
Cautious optimism that peace will take hold after the rebels come back to the negotiating table.
Lisa Clifford
16 Apr 07
The ICC’s apparent softly-softly approach in Uganda is puzzling some international human rights campaigners.
Alexis Okeowo
5 Apr 07
Despite a commitment to release its child conscripts, the Lord’s Resistance Army has yet to let them all come home.
Stephanie Nieuwoudt
3 Apr 07
Analysts say other international courts may find themselves facing claims after the Rwandan tribunal decided to pay compensation to an acquitted defendant who was denied legal representation early in his trial.