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ICC - International Criminal Court

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Goodluck Musinguzi
22 Jun 07
Minister says government ready to hand over army members and officials to the international war crimes court, should the need arise.
Samuel Okiror
20 Jun 07
Research data suggest that northern Uganda’s rebels kidnapped and forcibly conscripted nearly 80,000 people over the years, including twice as many children as previously believed.
Katy Glassborow
19 Jun 07
As the Taylor trial gets under way, the court that indicted him builds up the Sierra Leone judiciary as it prepares to wind down.
Samuel Okiror
18 Jun 07
Leading LRA suspect says Hague court would also have to indict members of the Ugandan army.
Patrick Okino
16 Jun 07
Northerners divided over ICC warrants for LRA and calls for the army to be investigated.
Katy Glassborow
16 Jun 07
Humanitarian affairs minister alleged to have supplied and armed tens of thousands of Janjaweed militiamen.
Henry Wasswa
16 Jun 07
Peace talks still deadlocked by rebel demands that international court indictments be dropped.
15 Jun 07
LRA leader’s victims want him to be brought to account - but aren’t sure how.
11 Jun 07
Training sessions in Gulu and Kampala focusing on the ICC and court reporting.
Katy Glassborow
8 Jun 07
Former African ruler fails to show up for start of trial, while his lawyer walks out of court after confrontation with judge.