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ICC - International Criminal Court

Reporting from DR Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda.

IWPR is at the forefront of media interventions in situations of human suffering and mass abuses around the world. It gives a voice to the vulnerable and delivers crucial analysis on conflict and impunity to both a local and global audience. As the leading news agency reporting on international justice and human rights, IWPR makes an important contribution to the value and effectiveness of local judicial mechanisms as well as international legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court (ICC).


Fred Bridgland
24 Jul 07
Project lands exclusive interview with LRA commander Vincent Otti - a major scoop which is widely republished.
Samuel Okiror
23 Jul 07
A leading proponent of peace negotiations between LRA and Ugandan government urges rebel group to prepare for Hague trials.
Henry Wasswa
18 Jul 07
Lawyers for government say demand likely if talks on ending insurgency in north succeed.
Katy Glassborow
13 Jul 07
Radio Netherlands commends IWPR for providing an importance source of information for African journalists, while Human Rights Watch says output bolsters their advocacy work.
Samuel Okiror
12 Jul 07
Parliamentarians in northern Uganda gather evidence of atrocities by the Ugandan army and LRA rebels.
Bill Oketch
10 Jul 07
Government and rebel negotiators decide local courts and traditional reconciliation efforts are the best way to secure peace and justice.
Katy Glassborow
10 Jul 07
Former Liberian leader, who has been boycotting his trial, wants a top UK barrister to defend him.
Samuel Okiror
4 Jul 07
Rebels dismiss government appeal for the release of people held against their will.
Lisa Clifford
26 Jun 07
Former African leader continues to insist that he’s been denied the means to mount an effective defence.
Lisa Clifford
25 Jun 07
Sierra Leonean court’s precedent-setting verdicts likely to influence ICC cases in Uganda and DRC.