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Henry Wasswa
24 Aug 07
Although militia leader Thomas Lubanga Dyilo was seen as a proxy for Kampala’s interests in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda says it is not responsible for his actions.
Joe Wacha
23 Aug 07
Women who suffered abduction, rape and mutilation at the hands of insurgents say the Ugandan government must charge those responsible.
Samuel Okiror
23 Aug 07
Ugandan judge Julia Sebutinde insists that Lord Resistance Army leaders must go before an international tribunal rather than informal local courts.
Rebekah Heil
21 Aug 07
Could prosecutors use images by Darfur’s children showing civilians under attack as evidence in a future war crimes trial?
Samuel Okiror
15 Aug 07
Research shows that many regard acts of retaliation as a way to overcome their experiences.
Bill Oketch
1 Aug 07
ICC called on to promote education of war affected children of northern Uganda.
1 Aug 07
As a fragile peace returns to northern Uganda, hundreds of thousands of refugees begin the trek to their abandoned homes.
Henry Wasswa
31 Jul 07
Official says Kampala may never pay reparations despite the international court ruling on the Ugandan occupation of Ituri province.
Caroline Tosh
26 Jul 07
Only the victims of acts of violence cited in the charge sheet for Darfur will have a chance to make their views known to the International Criminal Court.
Samuel Okiror
25 Jul 07
He says his government may urge ICC to drop LRA indictments if rebels conclude peace deal.