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Reporting from DR Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda.

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J.J. Wangui
7 Mar 14
Court hears how opposition leaders addressed crowds ahead of the polls.
Riot police take action in Nairobi's central business district. A further 166 police officers  will appear before the vetting panel on March 3. (Photo: Demosh/Flickr)
Mathews Ndanyi
3 Mar 14
Critics say current process is flawed and further challenges lie ahead.
A protected witness at the International Criminal Court. (Photo: ICC-CPI)
J.J. Wangui
27 Feb 14
Witness says William Ruto referred to non-Kalenjin people as “weeds” or “grass” that needed to go.
Prosecution witness, Mr Hervé Maupeu. (Photo: ICC-CPI)
J.J. Wangui
24 Feb 14
Academic tells judges of growth of armed factions in the run-up to 2007 Kenyan election.
Bernard Koech
21 Feb 14
Director of prosecutions rules out using new institution to deal with cases from 2007-08, even though that was why it was conceived.
Hague prosecutor Serge Brammertz tells ReportingKenya debate in Nairobi that justice process requires partnership between local and international courts. (Photo: Matthew Rhodes/IWPR)
an IWPR contributor in Kenya
20 Feb 14
Top prosecutor tells IWPR debate that justice process requires partnership between local and international courts.
Kenya's Attorney General Githu Muigai. (Photo: The Standard)
J.J. Wangui
17 Feb 14
Githu Muigai tells court that his government is cooperating fully with legal process.
Bosco Ntaganda in court for the confirmation of charges hearing that started on February 10. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
Stewart McCartney
13 Feb 14
Court must decide whether prosecution case is strong enough to bring Bosco Ntaganda to trial.
Some Kenyans displaced by the 2007-08 violence in the Rift Valley still fear going back home. (Photo: IWPR)
an IWPR reporter in Kenya
11 Feb 14
Experts say formal legal processes alone are not enough to restore stability to post-conflict countries.
Main ICC premises in The Hague. (Photo: Vincent van Zeijst)
Simon Jennings
10 Feb 14
Nairobi event will discuss whether prosecutions are the key to accountability in Africa.