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Afghanistan: Supporting Investigative Reporting & Civil Society

Full Project Title
Supporting Investigative Reporting in Local Media & Strengthening Civil Society Across Afghanistan


Project Purpose
To encourage a culture of constructive public debate and critical thinking in Afghanistan by developing a networked and professionalised local media sector across platforms that values in-depth reporting and promotes good governance and the rule of law.


Brief Summary
The project will identify and work with a cadre of Afghan journalists and related NGOs to build strong nationwide local media capacity, sharing learning and expertise around the need for greater accountability. It will establish a network of peer support for trained journalists (especially women) and targeted organisations to produce high-quality and critical content supporting the related goals of building capacity in the media sector and civil society to improve governance, accountability, and rule of law.

Yousef Nazari
19 Apr 18
Huge swathes of farmland wiped out by high rainfall and snowmelt.
Historic sites in Nuristan lie in ruins. (Photo: Sahibdad Hamdard)
Sahibdad Hamdard
10 Apr 18
Ancient temples and gardens in mountainous eastern province risk being lost forever.
Mohammad Hakim
9 Apr 18
A lack of representation has led to a vicious circle of marginalisation.
Saffron can be a lucrative business for female traders in Herat. (Photo: Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)
Saudaba Ihrari
5 Apr 18
Calls for substantive economic and social support for those setting up their own enterprises.
Afghan women often remain excluded from their legitimate inheritances. (Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
Ahmad Lodin
4 Apr 18
A combination of ignorance and willful neglect means female relatives are often excluded.
Road conditions in Afghanistan are often dire and many drivers are unlicensed. (Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
Bismillah Pashtoonmal
4 Apr 18
Initiative aims to improve chaotic conditions on often perilous routes.
There are few prospects for young Afghans, even those with an education. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Mina Habib
4 Apr 18
Country's rising unemployment is proving hard to challenge.
Naqiba Barikzai
26 Mar 18
Casualty rate along major artery alarms leading bus corporation.
The precious natural resource is being exploited by armed groups. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Benafsha Benish
26 Mar 18
Mountain ranges now a safe haven for militant groups.
Khairuddin Zaki
22 Mar 18
Residents of southeastern border region appeal for government action.