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Afghanistan: Supporting Investigative Reporting & Civil Society

Full Project Title
Supporting Investigative Reporting in Local Media & Strengthening Civil Society Across Afghanistan


Project Purpose
To encourage a culture of constructive public debate and critical thinking in Afghanistan by developing a networked and professionalised local media sector across platforms that values in-depth reporting and promotes good governance and the rule of law.


Brief Summary
The project will identify and work with a cadre of Afghan journalists and related NGOs to build strong nationwide local media capacity, sharing learning and expertise around the need for greater accountability. It will establish a network of peer support for trained journalists (especially women) and targeted organisations to produce high-quality and critical content supporting the related goals of building capacity in the media sector and civil society to improve governance, accountability, and rule of law.

Afghan farmers work together to build a greenhouse. (Photo: ResoluteSupportMedia/Flickr)
Khushal Zaland
17 Jan 18
Hopes that new infrastructure could replace opium farming in the southern province.
Pomegranates from Kandahar ready for processing at Afghanistan's first juice concentrate factory. Kabul, October 2009. (Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
Mohammad Ibrahim Spesalai
17 Jan 18
Nearly 23,000 tonnes sold abroad this year, bringing in some four million dollars.
Medieval Herati miniatures displayed in the exhibition. (Photo: Sodaba Ahrari)
Sodaba Ahrari
15 Jan 18
Hopes that efforts will boost fortunes of local Herati art scene.
Jamaluddin Elham
15 Jan 18
Some organisations accused of following self-serving agendas.
Afghan local militia operate in southern Afghanistan. (Photo: Wally Santana-Pool/Getty Images)
Hamidullah Ezat
15 Jan 18
Some 200 militia members operate in one small district of the restive southeastern province.
An Afghan child receives a polio vaccine at a clinic in Farza. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
Gul Ahmad Ehsan
13 Jan 18
Medics fight rumours that programme is a Western plot against Muslims.
Afghan women take part in an embroidery workshop in Kandahar. (Photo: Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)
Mohammad Ibrahim Spesalai
13 Jan 18
Women face uphill battle to access justice.
Afghan children walk to school in Logar province. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
Khan Wali Ahmadzai
13 Jan 18
Courses on Islamic subjects replace lessons on culture and counter-terrorism.
The new campaign is the latest in a series of joint US-Afghan counter-narcotics operations in Helmand. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
Gul Ahmad Ehsan
8 Jan 18
Tactic signals fresh effort to eliminate insurgents’ income from narcotics.
IWPR Afghanistan
7 Jan 18
New swathe of investigations produced into crucial local issues.