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Andrei Grishin of the Kazakstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law. (Photo courtesy A. Grishin)
13 Jan 12
Several investigations under way, but little light shed on what really happened.
Protestors in early December with a placard showing Alla Jioyeva’s decisive election victory. (Photo: Zarina Sanakoeva)
26 Dec 11
Moscow got outgoing leader and his would-be successor to agree on defusing tensions, but parliament said no.
22 Dec 11
MEP pressing for European Union action against Kazak government following Janaozen violence.
Riot unit patrols Janaozen. (Photo: Serik Kovlanbaev)
21 Dec 11
After talks with top official, they say they won’t be bought off.
A rebel fighter near the town of Bin Jawad, March 2011. This man has a Belgian-made rifle taken from the Libyan military rather than the more usual Kalashnikov. The new government will struggle to gather in all the firearms now in private hands. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
21 Dec 11
Efforts to secure weapons continue but interim rulers face uphill struggle to disarm population.
Police encircle journalists in Shetpe, where one man died after police used live fire on protestors on December 17. (Photo courtesy of Respublika news site
20 Dec 11
First they imposed news blackout, then they devised alternative narrative for bloodshed.
Police check IDs. Many male residents of Janaozen have been rounded up and detained following the December 16 violence. (Photo courtesy of Respublika news site
First Person
19 Dec 11
Newspaper correspondent describes tense aftermath of violence in west Kazakstan oil town.
Demonstration by the Occupy Bardo movement in Tunis. (Photo: Amine Ghrabi/Flickr)
16 Dec 11
Activists want to hold new leaders to original aims of revolution, even as public tires of protest.
Yemeni vice-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi is seen as the most likely winner of the February 2012 presidential ballot. (Photo: Almaghi/Wikicommons)
1 Dec 11
Interim leader could replace Ali Abdullah Saleh as elected president but questions remain about how much he would be in control.