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Rally in Idlib in support of the Free Syria Army, February 2012. (Photo: Freedom House/Flickr)
13 Mar 12
Activist says world seems to have forgotten about Syria’s plight.
9 Mar 12
Homeowners say they were summarily evicted and offered poor compensation in land clearance for song contest venue.
MEP Piotr Borys visited Kazakstan to look at how the aftermath of the Janaozen violence is being handled. (Photo courtesy of Piotr Borys’s office.)
5 Mar 12
Europarliament member describes meetings with oil town residents, and how the Kazak authorities are responding in the aftermath of violence.
Riot police confronted by angry locals in the Azerbaijani town of Guba, March 1, 2012. (Photo: Heybet Amrah)
2 Mar 12
Riot police called in as thousands mark displeasure with local leader.
Protests in Baghdad's Tahrir Square, September 2011. (Photo: Khalid Waleed)
29 Feb 12
One year on, rallies run out of steam and few demands have been met.
The Janaozen violence was followed by arrests and harassments of government critics. (Photo courtesy of Respublika news site
29 Feb 12
December violence used as stick to beat government critics who complained about it.
Anbar residents take to the streets on February 4, 2012, chanting slogans in support of the Syrian uprising. (Photo: Iraq Revolution)
9 Feb 12
Sunni-dominated Anbar province in aid fundraising drive in support of Syrian rebels.
Poster for Alla Jioyeva, who preliminary results showed won the South Ossetian presidential ballot. The authorities promptly cancelled the election. (Photo: Zarina Sanakoeva)
7 Feb 12
Front-runner says authorities have “deceived” opposition over compromise allowing rerun of presidential ballot.
A poster of President Bashar al-Assad on a wall in the Syrian capital Damascus. (Photo: Sean Long/Flickr)
18 Jan 12
Syrian president has shown by his actions that removing him is the only option.
A protestor holds up a sign at a rally in Ireland calling for the overthrow of the Assad regime. (Photo: William Murphy/Informatique Flickr)
13 Jan 12
President Bashar al-Assad will not renounce power peacefully, according to spokesman for local action group.