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Labour and welfare minister Serik Abdenov, before his removal over the pensions fiasco. (Photo: Kazakstan prime minister's website)
17 Jun 13
Government backs down on controversial bill after pressure from women’s groups.
6 Jun 13
Government's opponents are using local grievances to pursue their own interests, analysts say.
Heybat Amrah, the detained Musavat leader in Azerbaijan’s Khachmaz. (Photo: Samira Ahmedbeyli)
16 May 13
Once again, a minor incident quickly blows up into an expression of wider discontent.
Demonstration in Iraq's Anbar province in support of the Syrian uprising, February 2012.  (Photo: Iraq Revolution)
1 May 13
Uncertain allegiances and fears of spillover.
Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili greets supports at an April 19 rally. (Photo: President's official Facebook page)
25 Apr 13
Was rally in Tbilisi a sign of renewed strength, or a last gasp?
March 10 demonstration against conscript deaths in Azerbaijan.  (Photo: Aliya Haqverdi)
2 Apr 13
Since one in ten of the population uses the popular networking site, old-fashioned restrictions may not work any more.
Mahambet Abjan. (Photo courtesy of M. Abjan)
29 Mar 13
Decision to reinstate students expelled for posting dance video suggests a new willingness to listen.
Protest against changes to maternity benefits in Kazakstan. Astana, March 9, 2013. (Photo: Aliya Delmasheva)
20 Mar 13
Activists hope campaign will prompt wider action on women's rights.
Protesters were angry about the frequent deaths of young conscripts. (Photo: Aliya Haqverdi)
15 Mar 13
Officials dismiss public expressions of anger as plot by agents provocateurs.
Protests in Kyrgyzstan have become a feature of the spring season. March 2014. (Photo:
15 Mar 13
Political analyst on the protests where economic concerns meet north-south rivalries