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Crowds on Baghramyan Avenue. June 25, 2015. (Photo: Nazik Armenakyan)
3 Jul 15
President offers temporary subsidy on electricity price rise, but that isn’t enough for most demonstrators.
Demonstration in Yerevan against the electricity price hike. This is an early one on May 27, 2015. (Photo: Photolur agency)
26 Jun 15
Police intervention only increased the number of people on the street.
Protesters covered the Uzbek embassy in London in red paint after the Andijan killings. May 17, 2005. (Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)
13 May 15
After shooting down protesters in 2005, Uzbekistan’s government concluded that repression works, that historical truth can be suppressed, and that no one will really care in the long run.
A picture taken during the annual celebrations marking the start of the Syrian revolution in the Bustan neighbourhood of Aleppo. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
12 May 15
Conservative values make it harder for women to take part.
13 Apr 15
Police say they are improving their response to demonstrations.
23 Feb 15
One woman’s continued support for revolutionaries in the Syrian city of Idlib.
20 Feb 15
Opposition parties demand swift action to find perpetrators of abduction and assault, and suspect government members of complicity.
Opposition convoy heads for Karabakh. (Photo: Constituent Parliament)
19 Feb 15
Police prevent opposition group from moving out of Armenia.
Small business owners in Yerevan protest against changes to the tax system. (Photo: Photolur agency)
16 Feb 15
Small business owners continue to oppose legislation that they say will ruin them.
13 Nov 14
Émigré opposition group unable to persuade people to take to the streets.