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14 Jan 21
Exiled opposition leaders call for international support in their fight for democracy.
People waiting in line to vote on October 31. (Photo: Nino Chibchiuri/IWPR)
19 Nov 20
Despite Georgian Dream majority, a further 16 seats are as yet undecided.
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. (Photo: Press Office of the Government of Armenia)
16 Nov 20
The tactical flexibility and impressive self-confidence that fueled Pashinyan’s rise to power have become his biggest weaknesses.
A crowd of protesters gather to demand the resignation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on November 11, 2020 in Yerevan, Armenia. (Photo: Alex McBride/Getty Images)
Karabakh Crisis
13 Nov 20
Opposition protests continue over terms of treaty with Azerbaijan.
Project Highlight
12 Nov 20
Online event assesses the regional lessons and consequences of political dispute.
Protestors gather in front of parliament to demand new elections and the resignation of the chair of the Central Election Commission, Tamar Zhvania. (Photo: Anastasia Mgaloblishvili)
10 Nov 20
Refusing to accept election outcome, opposition demands fresh polls.
Demonstrators participate in an anti-Lukashenko rally on August 18, 2020 in Minsk, Belarus. (Photo: Misha Friedman/Getty Images)
20 Oct 20
Disquiet with an authoritarian leader, presiding over an archaic state-dominated economy, sounds familiar.
Exiled members of the presidium of the Coordination Council of Belarus, Pavel Latushko and Olga Kovalkova wait to record a video message for Belarusian citizens on September 23, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland. (Photo: Omar Marques/Getty Images)
14 Oct 20
Neighbour state has welcomed politicians and injured protestors alike.
Parts of the building housing the parliament and president's office were set alight during the night. (Photo: IWPR)
6 Oct 20
Volunteers rally to clean up city, ensure security and prevent looting.
The main Ala-Too square in capital Bishkek today, 6 October, 2020. (Photo: IWPR)
6 Oct 20
Election results cancelled as opposition supporters seize control of key offices.