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22 Jan 21
Remittances from those working abroad make up a key part of the country’s economy.
22 Jan 21
The devastating effect of decades of neglect and corruption have been exacerbated by conflict.
Illustration by Baleria Mena
7 Jan 21
Economic measures supposed to ease the effects of the pandemic are increasing inequality.
An empty food marked in Holguin, Cuba. (Photo: Fernando Donate)
7 Jan 21
A lack of hard currency mean that essential imports are in short supply.
EU High Representative Josep Borrell during a statement on the Karabakh ceasefire's importance. (Photo: EU Press office)
18 Nov 20
Engagement has focused more on economic cooperation than conflict resolution.
17 Nov 20
Hi-tech weapon systems bought with oil revenue ultimately tipped the balance.
Since the arrival of the pandemic in Cuba, the country has been experiencing a worsening shortage of basic products, which translates into longer queues than usual. (Photo: L. R. Fuentes)
15 Oct 20
New measures mean that only those with access to hard currency can obtain essential goods.
Doctors at work at Pando Ferrer hospital in Havana, Cuba. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
7 Aug 20
Is it true that Washington’s policies have left Cubans both sick and hungry?
Project Highlight
29 Jun 20
Event hears that falling oil and gas prices may be a barrier to implementing greener policies.
25 Jun 20
Restrictions intended to prevent hoarding have just made matters worse.