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Zaineb Naji

Zaineb Naji

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As part of coalition-building talks, Kurdish negotiators will demand implementation of legislation concerning the future of Kirkuk. (Photo: Metrography)
Zaineb Naji, Hogar Hasan
20 May 10
As post-election talks loom, negotiators keep their counsel on likely alliances.
Zaineb Naji, Abeer Mohammed, Basim al-Shara
19 Apr 09
Most dismiss concerns case would affect press freedom – but are divided over whether jail sentence was fair.
Zaineb Naji
16 Mar 09
Improvement in security means communities torn apart by violence and fear beginning to heal.
Zaineb Naji
17 Feb 09
Secularists’ promises of security, services and unity resonate with voters tired of overtly faith-based parties.
Zaineb Naji
30 Jan 09
They are at mercy of male relatives and complicated voting system.
Zaineb Naji
20 Jan 09
They hope new quota system will give them a foot in the door of provincial politics.
Basim al-Shara, Zaineb Naji, Frman Abdul-Rahman
12 Nov 08
They believe US president-elect unlikely to pursue campaign pledges on troop pullout and aid.
Zaineb Naji
10 Oct 08
In run-up to local elections, residents say they are disillusioned with politics despite improvements in security.
Zaineb Naji
6 Oct 08
Few of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis forced to flee their homes have registered to vote in upcoming ballot.
Zaineb Naji
30 Jun 08
Kurds, Turkomans and Arabs criticise recommendations on how to resolve territorial disputes in north.