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Tiare Rath

Tiare Rath
Editorial Manager

Stories by the author

Tiare Rath
30 Jan 08
A national media watchdog set up by IWPR wins major press freedom prize.
Tiare Rath
16 Nov 07
Important governance reporting lessons learnt at latest training seminars.
Tiare Rath
31 Oct 07
Despite vast investment, Iraq’s sclerotic electricity network shows little sign of improvement, to the despair of residents and businesses alike.
Tiare Rath, Hisham Alwan, Susanne Fischer
14 Jun 07
A courageous and talented journalist, IWPR contributor Yasin al-Dulaimi was recently killed in a roadside bombing.
Tiare Rath
13 Jun 07
Kamal Manahi Anbar, a young journalist with enormous promise, died last week while researching a story in Baghdad.
Tiare Rath
4 May 06
Kidnapping, murder and arrest are the price of doing business in the most dangerous country in the world to practice journalism.