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Robert Wanjala

Edna Auma has run for office in the last two local elections but without success. (Photo: Robert Wanjala)
Robert Wanjala
14 Nov 14
Why female participation in politics is so low in Nairobi’s largest slum.
Spectators run to join a political rally ahead of a general election in 2007. (Photo: Micro Kid/Flickr)
Robert Wanjala
28 Oct 14
Politicians urged to watch their language and curb unruly supporters.
Local herdsman watch over as their goats drink from the river. (Photo: Robert Wanjala)
Robert Wanjala
16 Sep 14
Calls for proper local consultations on construction projects.
Audience members participate in IWPR/Wayamo ReportingKenya international panel discussion in The Hague featuring a range of opinions on the future of the International Criminal Court. (Photo: Kioko wa Kiwandi)
Robert Wanjala
7 Dec 13
Panel discusses whether court can meet the challenges of putting Kenya’s president on trial.
UN Security Council chamber in New York. Analysts warn that divisions within UN Security Council could prompt further efforts to end the trials of Kenya's president and deputy president. (Photo: Zack Lee/Flickr)
Robert Wanjala
18 Nov 13
But analysts warn that divisions within UN Security Council could prompt further efforts to end the trials.
Kenyan deputy president William Ruto on the first day of trial at the ICC. (Photo: ICC-CPI)
Robert Wanjala
1 Nov 13
ICC appeals judges ruled that deputy president must be present during trial.
Robert Wanjala
16 Oct 13
Critics say current legal procedures and lack of police training obstruct justice.
Bernard Momanyi, Robert Wanjala
21 Sep 13
Testimony revealed in court stirs deep emotions across the country.
President Uhuru Kenyatta receives the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Final Report at State House in Nairobi. (Photo: Capital FM)
Robert Wanjala
16 Aug 13
Observers criticise bill that would allow legislators to water down measures aimed at bringing justice.
Robert Wanjala
16 Aug 13
“Let justice run its course,” international prosecutor’s staff tell Kenyans.