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Mathews Ndanyi

A Turkana woman in northern Kenya. Picture from November 2009. (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Mathews Ndanyi
20 Jun 14
Government praises bid to curb cattle raids, but critics say stronger mechanisms are needed to enforce peace.
Riot police take action in Nairobi's central business district. A further 166 police officers  will appear before the vetting panel on March 3. (Photo: Demosh/Flickr)
Mathews Ndanyi
3 Mar 14
Critics say current process is flawed and further challenges lie ahead.
 Crisis within judiciary holds up plans for international crimes unit. (Photo: Simon Jennings/IWPR)
Mathews Ndanyi
23 Dec 13
Crisis within judiciary holds up plans for international crimes unit.
 A temporary schoolroom in the Mathare IDP camp in 2008, set up in the aftermath of 2007 post-election violence in Kenya. (Photo: Jerry Riley/IRIN)
Mathews Ndanyi
16 Dec 13
Campaigners say rights of conflict victims are threatened by ICC rule changes.
Mathews Ndanyi
13 Aug 13
New initiative seen as way to win greater cooperation in crime-solving, but that will be hard since people have little faith in the police.
The new technology is part of a wider project to computerise all court records in the towns of Eldoret and nearby Kapsabet. (Photo: Jeroen Bennink/Flickr)
Mathews Ndanyi
23 Jul 13
Computerisation should prevent long delays to trials caused when documents go missing.
Mathews Ndanyi
4 Jun 13
Commentators say it is too early to stop funding work to build lasting peace at community level.
Mathews Ndanyi
23 Dec 12
Victims of violence after 2007 election are reluctant to participate this time around.