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Maja Bjelajac

Maja Bjelajac

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Maja Bjelajac
1 Apr 11
Republika Srpska leader under fire for proposing foundation offering Bosnian Serb indictees help with their defence cases.
Exhumation of a mass grave at Potocari, Srebrenica. Thousands of Bosniaks were executed by Bosnian Serbs following the fall of the enclave in 2005. (Photo: Adam Jones/Flickr)
Maja Bjelajac
16 Feb 11
Serbs claim Bosnian state agency searching for missing persons has focused energies on Bosniaks.
Sarajevo residents are demanding compensation from the Bosnian Serbs for their suffering during the war. (Photo: Jeremy Rover)
Maja Bjelajac
10 Jan 11
Bosnian Serbs say claims being made by hundreds of Sarajevo residents are politically motivated.
Maja Bjelajac
20 Sep 10
Local lawyers consider likely consequences of Srebrenica suspect’s plea for other cases.