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Maja Bjelajac

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Students at the Catholic Gimnasium Sveti Franjo in Tuzla discussed reconciliation. (Photo: Maja Nikolic)
Maja Nikolic, Maja Bjelajac, Dzenana Halimovic
28 Jan 16
Documentaries deal with war’s legacy as well as ways to co-exist.
Participants in a discussion after the screening of "Macedonian". (Photo: Mario Donlic)
Dzenana Halimovic, Maja Bjelajac
24 Apr 15
“No excuses for silence,” audience at film screening is told.
The high watermark on this building in Doboj in northern Bosnia plainly shows the scale of the flooding. May 20-21, 2014. (Photo: Sanja Vrzić)
Maja Bjelajac
3 Jun 14
Ordinary people inspired to help one another across old divides, leaving nationalist politicians to worry about risks of too much cohesion.
Banja Luka city centre. (Photo: Maja Bjelajac)
Maja Bjelajac
2 Mar 14
Both of Bosnia’s administrative territories face the same problems of unemployment and corruption, but only the Federation has seen protests so far.
Milan and Smilja Vidovic, who decided to donate organs of their deceased son to both Bosniaks and Serbs. (Still from New Life documentary by IWPR)
Maja Bjelajac
17 Dec 13
Banja Luka audience moved by IWPR film on parents’ decision to donate son’s organs without regard for ethnic divides.
A mosque and a church in Pocitelj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Photo: Simon Jennings/IWPR)
Rachel Irwin, Dzenana Halimovic, Maja Bjelajac, Dražen Huterer
6 Dec 13
Politicians rush to claim triumph for their own particular group, even though census data on ethnicity hasn’t come out yet.
Milorad Dodik. (Photo: SNSD)
Maja Bjelajac
12 Oct 12
Republika Srpska voters shift preference to ruling party’s opponent because it talks about economic problems rather than nationalist vision.
Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik, December 2010. (Photo: Serbian Democratic Party/Wiki Commons)
Maja Bjelajac
5 Oct 12
Serb politicians focus on their hopes that Bosnian state will break up, as voters worry about mundane issues like the economy.
Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik, December 2010. (Photo: Serbian Democratic Party/Wiki Commons)
Maja Bjelajac
2 Mar 12
What may have begun as vote-winning tactic now dominates Milorad Dodik president’s outlook.
Rally in Banja Luka to protest against the arrest of General Mladic, a man still seen as a hero by many in Republika Srpska. (Photo: RFE/RL)
Maja Bjelajac
1 Jun 11
As his voters stage pro-Mladic rallies, Milorad Dodik has to appease nationalists in Republika Srpska while keeping Serbia on side.