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J.J. Wangui
3 Oct 14
Witness says he decided not to go through with false testimony.
Wilfred Nderitu (right) was appointed to represent victims in the case against Kenya's deputy president, William Ruto, and former broadcaster, Joshua Arap Sang. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
Blake Evans-Pritchard, Simon Jennings, J.J. Wangui
22 Sep 14
Concern at trend towards assigning lawyers to represent victims rather than letting them choose their own.
Fifteen AU states need to ratify the treaty before the court can be set up. (Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
J.J. Wangui
26 Jul 14
Granting top officials immunity from prosecution is likely to restrict Western donor support.
J.J. Wangui
11 Jul 14
Defence team counters that requests for information are no more than “fishing expedition”.
J.J. Wangui
27 Jun 14
Latest prosecution witness continues narrative of how violence unfolded after 2007 election.
William Ruto's lawyers Karim Khan and Shyamala Alagendra consult during proceedings against their client. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
J.J. Wangui
25 Jun 14
Trial of Kenyan deputy president hears of 2007 tensions in the run-up to violence.
Anton Steynberg, lead trial lawyer for the prosecution, informed the court of the decision to withdraw the witness on May 14. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
J.J. Wangui
16 May 14
Judges issue stern warning to prosecutors as trial is adjourned until June 16.
Post-election violence in Kenya, December 2007. (Photo: The Star newspaper, Nairobi)
J.J. Wangui
1 May 14
Plaintiffs hope lawsuit will lead to fresh investigations into 2007-08 attacks.
J.J. Wangui
14 Apr 14
But defendants’ lawyers challenge accuracy of satellite imaging.
J.J. Wangui
9 Apr 14
Court hears that Kalenjin leaders urged Kikuyus to leave and go back “to their homes”.