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Janet Anderson

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Refugees from Darfur at the Iridimi camp in Chad, 2004. (Photo: UN multimedia)
Janet Anderson, Zakia Yousif, Tajeldin Adam
29 May 12
Budget constraints and poor security on the ground reduce opportunities to engage with refugees and war victims in Chad.
Displaced people returning home in Darfur under UNHCR's voluntary programme. (Photo: UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran)
Janet Anderson, Tajeldin Adam, Zakia Yousif
22 Mar 12
Despite peace agreement and UN backing, many say it is not yet safe to go home.
International Court of Justice in The Hague. (Photo: ICJ/Wikicommons)
Janet Anderson
14 Mar 12
Former leader of Chad has escaped prosecution for years, but wheels of justice are now slowly turning.
Janet Anderson
20 Jul 06
As prosecutors open case against senior officials charged with atrocities in Kosovo, observers say proceedings are haunted by the ghost of the ill-fated Milosevic trial.
Janet Anderson
22 May 06
Judge sets July date for Hague’s biggest trial, but concedes that it will only get under way properly in August.
Janet Anderson
5 May 06
Chief prosecutor slates Belgrade for the non-delivery of the Hague tribunal’s top fugitive.
Janet Anderson
28 Apr 06
Ex-ambassador says Croatian offensive against Serb-held territory came after the accused dismissed a peace proposal out of hand.
Janet Anderson
7 Apr 06
New courtroom development will enable defendants to be tried jointly.
Janet Anderson
3 Apr 06
Defence in Kosovo ethnic cleansing trial unhappy over judge’s preference for a July start.
Janet Anderson
31 Mar 06
Judge declares confusion at continued difficulties in assigning defence lawyers to Bosnian paramilitary Milan Lukic, as he pleads not guilty to amended charge sheet.