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IWPR staff
21 Jan 16
Legal representatives of government opponents find themselves in trouble.
IWPR Central Asia Director Abakhon Sultonnazarov  and Maxim Shevchenko, Head of Centre for Strategic Research on Religion and Politics in the Modern World. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR staff
18 Jan 16
Trainees learn how to cover religious extremism at large-scale round table in Bishkek.
Women in burqas. (Photo: Flickr/Marius Arnesen)
IWPR staff
8 Mar 15
New president says things can only get better.
IWPR staff
26 Feb 15
Literature seen as a way to encourage society to turn away from conflict.
Gathering interviews for Nadhrat al-Shafafa. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR staff
20 Feb 15
Reports from across the country will be compiled in Juba and broadcast on seven radio stations.
IWPR staff
18 Feb 15
High levels of psychological distress widespread.
Ukrainian soldiers on the outskirts of Mariupol, September 2014. The government in Kiev has now ordered a mass call-up of men to replenish the forces fighting in eastern Ukraine. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
IWPR staff
13 Feb 15
Commentators don’t agree with Ruslan Kotsaba’s sentiments, but defend his right to express them.
IWPR staff
10 Feb 15
With few jobs available, joining the Taleban may look like the easy option.
IWPR staff
5 Feb 15
While supporters note foreign policy achievements, critics want to see faster change at home.
IWPR staff
23 Jan 15
Call centre aims to give public a direct role in policing, although not everyone agrees it works all the time.