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People arriving in South Sudan by bus as the mass population shift got under way last year. Picture from November 2010. (Photo: Tim Freccia/ENOUGH Project/Flickr)
IWPR contributor
8 Dec 11
People from the newly-independent state in the south suddenly find themselves foreigners in Sudan.
The ICC in The Hague: the Kenyan government is being accused of frustrating the court’s outreach efforts. (Photo: ICC/Flickr)
IWPR contributor
7 Dec 11
Some believe court must bolster activities on the ground to counter politicisation of cases.
Activists rally against the Syrian regime in London, June 7. (Photo: Chris Brown/Flickr)
IWPR contributor
14 Jun 11
Residents of Jisr a-Shughour who escaped to Turkey say civilians are being shot in the town.
Diaspora Bahrainis protest against the regime (Photo: Jim Rudoni, go.iwpr.info/rud)
IWPR contributor
25 May 11
Many have been left stranded in the United Kingdom after demonstrating against actions of regime.
Camp for Libyan refugees in southern Tunisia. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR contributor
17 May 11
Activist visits southern Tunisia to find out how best to help those displaced by the conflict.
Libyan opposition forces in action. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
IWPR contributor
11 May 11
Morale amongst injured fighters high with many determined to return to the front once they recover.
Syrians of Montreal took to the streets on March 27 to show solidarity with anti-regime protesters in Syria. (Photo: Freeedomania/Flickr)
IWPR contributor
29 Mar 11
Activist provides firsthand account of regime’s crackdown on mass protests in Syrian city.
Group wedding ceremony in Qom province – in this case for the children of people killed or disabled in the Iran-Iraq war. (Photo: Mehdi Marizad, Fars News Agency)
IWPR contributor
20 Sep 10
Tens of thousands of young couples start their married lives by taking part in group weddings in cities across Iran every year.