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Branka Mihajlovic

Kosovo president Atifete Jahjaga greets Ramush Haradinaj on his return from The Hague. (Photo: Kosovo president's official website.)
Amra Zejneli, Branka Mihajlovic, Milos Teodorovic
3 Dec 12
As Kosovo leaders suggest wartime commander’s acquittal absolves their side from guilt, Serbian politicians say it will make reconciliation that much harder.
Celebrations in Zagreb The Croatian flag on the right is held by Markac and Gotovina. On the right-hand side of the picture is Croatia’s defence minister Ante Kotromanovic. (Photo: Government of Croatia)
Enis Zebic, Ognjen Zorić, Branka Mihajlovic, Ljudmila Cvetkovic
19 Nov 12
Warnings that verdict could harm relations between two states, though some say little reconciliation has taken place anyway.
Enis Zebic, Branka Mihajlovic
22 Apr 11
Former Croatia general seen as a victim at home and villain in neighbouring Serbia.
Branka Mihajlovic
11 Nov 09
Bosnian Serb’s warm welcome in Belgrade appears to highlight Serbia’s unwillingness to face up to war record.