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Anara Yusupova

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Rebuilding work in a low-rise area of Osh where the population is mainly Uzbek. (Photo: Pavel Gromsky)
Anara Yusupova, Isomidin Ahmedjanov
9 Jun 11
One year on, true reconciliation remains distant prospect as ethnic communities pursue parallel existences.
Isomidin Ahmedjanov, Anara Yusupova
10 Mar 11
During the June 2010 clashes, handwritten signs appeared across Osh denoting areas and property as Uzbek or – as here – Kyrgyz in the hope they would be left along. (Photo: Inga Sikorskaya)
Anara Yusupova, Isomidin Ahmedjanov
14 Jan 11
Rebuilding and reconciliation efforts slow to take off as tensions persist.
 Kyrgyz leaders sit together for now, at least. Picture by Anara Yusupova
Anara Yusupova, Asyl Osmonalieva
24 Apr 10
Interim government must set aside differences and focus on stability, analysts say. By Anara Yusupova and Asyl Osmonalieva in Bishkek
Anara Yusupova
3 Mar 10
Tendency towards playing safe by avoiding controversial subject-matter.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, Aida Kasymalieva, Inga Sikorskaya, Anara Yusupova
18 Nov 09
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has relocated next door to Tajikistan, though analysts doubt it will move back into Central Asia.
Anara Yusupova
13 Nov 09
Parliament’s refusal to sign international ban on executions seen as a bad sign.
Anara Yusupova
26 Oct 09
Kyrgyz public unimpressed by new law to make singing national anthem compulsory.
Anara Yusupova
5 Oct 09
Kubanychbek Kadyrov could now face charges, in what his opposition colleagues see as a politically-inspired campaign to marginalise government critic.
Anara Yusupova
23 Jul 09
Opposition says election timing geared towards low turnout, making ballot-rigging easier.