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The mountainous terrain of Khost province leaves residents vulnerable to the effects of flooding. (Photo: Andrey/Flickr)
Ahmad Shah
14 Aug 14
Locals say torrential floods pose threat to their lives as well as harming the local economy.
A jirga - the village council convened to resolve disputes and fix compensation for crimes. Khost province, 2012. (Photo: Farid Zaher)
Ahmad Shah
14 Jul 14
With modern firearms, tradition of shooting into the air leads to casualties and lasting feuds.
Ahmad Shah
11 Jul 14
Out-of-date and counterfeit substances pose serious threat to public health.
Ahmad Shah
23 Jun 14
Candidate Abdullah Abdullah said turnout figures showed more voters than actually exist in the province.
Afghan National Army men in Khost province, 2009. (Photo: Isafmedia/Flickr)
Ahmad Shah
12 Jun 14
In Khost province, army dismisses claims of a plot to interfere in this week’s presidential ballot.
Gathering palm leaves in Khost, Afghanistan. (Photo: Ahmad Shah)
Ahmad Shah
9 Jun 14
Versatile leaves can be used for eco-friendly matting, dishes and more, but the trees are disappearing for use as firewood.
Ahmad Shah
3 Jun 14
Valuable tree plantations cleared or left to run wild despite their commercial potential.
Ahmad Shah
19 May 14
Villagers often resort to folk medicine. Some live to regret it, others don’t.
Tents provide the classrooms for this school in Afghanistan's Khost province. (Photo: Ahmad Shah)
Ahmad Shah
1 May 14
Most schools in Khost province have no permanent premises, with a shortage of qualified teachers and even textbooks.
Ahmad Shah
19 Apr 14
Some ask why they defied the Taleban to go and vote if others can stuff ballot boxes and get away with it.