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Karnay musicians perform in Dushanbe on their long trumpets, which can be up to two metres long. (Photo: Bahriddin Isamutdinov)
22 Mar 16
Tajiks welcome the start of a new year with mass festivities.
Mardikors (Tajik for hired worker) gather in a market in Dushanbe. (Photo: Nosim Isamov)
10 Mar 16
Kyrgystan’s membership of a Moscow-led trading bloc has softened the blow for its citizens, but Uzbeks and Tajiks are clearly suffering.
​A street cleaner begins her working day at half past three in the morning outside the parliament building in Dushanbe. (Photo: Lidia Isamova)
2016 Women's Day
8 Mar 16
Long before dawn, women spread out through the capital city armed only with twig brooms.
Almaty, Kazakstan's commercial centre: the country has Central Asia's highest rate of internet penetration. (Photo: Andrei Shevelev/Flickr)
15 Feb 16
Experts warn that online access will be imperilled if new laws are put into effect.
21 Jan 16
Legal representatives of government opponents find themselves in trouble.
The Tajik parliament building in Dushanbe. (Phone: Rjruiziii/Wikimedia Commons)
26 Nov 15
Activists move abroad in anticipation of restrictions.
17 Nov 15
Fewer jobs and a worsening exchange rate hits households supported by expats in Russia.
9 Nov 15
Rising instability in northern Afghanistan prompts security rethink.
6 Nov 15
Law passed two years ago yet to translate into societal change.
6 Nov 15
Low-skilled workers from Central Asia are often the first to be laid off.


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