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Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei addressing the Intifada conference in Tehran. October 2, 2011. (Photo: Hamed Malekpour/Fars News Agency)
7 Oct 11
Even as they stage pro-Palestinian event, Iranian leaders seem to have lost sense of direction on what to do next.
Palestinian activism has helped bring about a rapproachement between Hamas and Fatah. (Photo: Nadim Baba)
15 Jul 11
Inspired by uprisings elsewhere in the region, activists have campaigned to end Palestinian divisions.
Editorial Comment
5 May 11
Long-delayed deal spurred by tumultuous political changes elsewhere in the region.
Demonstrators in Bi’lin in 2005 – protests have been staged here every Friday for the last six years. (Photo:  Socksasgloves)
IWPR Postcard
12 Jan 11
Weekly West Bank confrontation pitting the IDF against Palestinians and Israeli sympathisers is rarely short on drama.
19 Mar 10
Belly dancing has long been an important cultural tradition in the Middle East but still is largely stigmatised as something seedy or to be seen mostly in films or on the stage.
28 Feb 10
Denying rights abuses could prove costly for Tehran, both economically and politically.
26 Feb 10
Change movement attempts to reach out to all voters in ethnically divided city.
15 Feb 10
One year after leaving the capital, a reporter returns to a ghost town.